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There is no guarantee of authenticity for Japanese, Chinese, Korean,
Paintings or any other items shown on this site.
Unique Antique Items
Korean & Vietnamese Antiques
Vietnamese Lime Pot
Circa 1700s
9" Height x 6" Width
Brown glaze with molded-built handles
Museum Quality!
$ 500.00
Vietnamese Teapot kor-002
Circa 1800s
9.5" Height x 10" Width
Very old, hand made copper piece with small pin-holes due to age and use
$ 69.00
Korean Celadon Vase
Circa 1950s
5" Height x 2.5" Width
Decorated with flying cranes
$ 79.00
Vietnamese Food Jar
Circa 1970s
8" Height x 5" Width
Blue and white farmer scene with lid
$ 139.00
Korean Celadon Vase
Circa 1960s
5.5" Height x 3" Width
Bulbous body with narrow opening flying cranes and flowers
Signed by Artist
$ 89.00
Korean Celadon Vase
Circa 1960
5" Height 2.5" Width
Two handles chain stitching motif
Signed by Artist
$ 69.00
Korean Basket
Circa 1800s
26" Height x 16" Width
Peasant storage item, hand made for storing clothing with cover
$ 350.00
Korean Celadon Incense Burner
Circa 1960s
2.5" Height x 3" Width
Elephant head handles with three legs
$ 29.00
Large Celdon Vase
Circa 1970
17.5" Height x 7.5" Width
Floor vase with two handles, small base and bulbous body with Dragon design
Signed by Artist
$ 139.00
Korean Celadon Flower Pot
Circa 1960
10" Height x 8" Width
Scalloped rim with character design
$ 149.00
Korean Offering Plate
Circa 1800s
3" Height x 3.5" Width
Blue and grey ceramic plate used for leaving alms for the deceased
$ 250.00
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