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There is no guarantee of authenticity for Japanese, Chinese, Korean,
Paintings or any other items shown on this site.
Unique Antique Items
Champleve Lamp  lam-001
Circa 1900's
Lamp Base 11" x 6.5"
A bronze gourd type vase with a long neck with double elephant loops.
Inlaid precious stones. 
Signature on the bottom.
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Incandescent Lamps
Helpful Hint
Be sure to do your homework before you invest $50 or more in what you think is an antique.
Lamp - lam-003
Circa 1910
24" Height x 4.5" Width
Japanese enamel lamp with beautiful blue and green vase
$ 195.00
Rooster Lamp - lam-002
Circa 1900s
23.25" Height x 5.5" Width
European Metal with great detail
$ 195.00
Lamp - lam-006
Circa 1910s - 1920s
13" Height x 4.5" Width
Majolica porcelain blue and white with Victorian motif and brass fitting
$ 195.00
Lamp - lam-009
Circa 1930s
4'-23" Height x 8" Width
French wrought iron twisted candle stick style
$ 195.00
Cast Iron Lamp - lam-004
Circa 1930s
19" Height x 6" Width
Young girl on a swing
$ 129.00
Student's Lamp - lam-005
Circa 1930s - 1950s
Metal lamp with removable shade and milk glass globe
$ 95.00
Lamp - lam-008
Circa 1930s - 1950s
19" Height x 4.5" Width
White porcelain with Victorian scene
$ 95.00
Brass Lamp - lam-010
Circa 1920s - 1930s
23" Height x 8.5" Width
Brass with milk glass globe and extending swing arm
$ 195.00
Lamp - lam-007
Circa 1940s
16" Height x 4.5" Width
Cobalt blue with ivory ring and ivory base on metal
$ 129.00
Lamp - lam-011
 Circa 1910
18" Height x 6" Width
Young girl with open arms with antique globe
$ 129.00